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On the FAQs page we tried to anticipate your questions before you ask them. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for please feel free to call us at (505) 948-8876 or use one of our contact forms.

Are candidates charged a fee?

There is never a fee for candidates represented by Hello Recruit. We are here to help you find your next great opportunity and will provide guidance and coaching throughout your interviews.

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties on your placements?

Sometimes things don't work out, which is why we have a 90 day guarantee for our hires. Refer to your contract for specific details.

How does your small recruiting agency differ from larger firms?

Hello Recruit is a small, female-owned recruitment agency that puts our customers first. Here, you aren't just one of many customers, but a strategic partner with our undivided focus. We provide personalized attention and guidance to help you find the right hire.

Is there a fee for employers?

Employers are not charged a fee until  they hire a candidate referred by Hello Recruit. There is no fee for interviewing or reviewing our candidate referrals unless on a retained search. Check your contract for details.

What information do you require from employers to start a search?

We typically start by meeting with you and your team to fully understand your wants, needs and your specific company culture. A job description is helpful, but not required.

What geographic areas do you primarily serve?

Our Founder splits time between Fort Collins and Albuquerque, so we serve both communities like home. We do have the ability to able help companies across the U.S. when there is a tough search.  



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